Via M. Civitali, 51 – 55042 Forte dei Marmi (LU)

Welcome to La Serena

Welcome to La Serena, a newly renovated experiential boutique hotel nestled in the heart of the coastal town of Forte dei Marmi. La Serena promises both the opportunity for adventure and the chance to embrace la dolce vita.

New boutique hotel in forte dei marmi

Ikon Bar & Restaurant

Our distinguished Bar & Dining experience delicately interweaves the rich tapestry of Italian cuisine with the fresh, invigorating spirit of the coast. Our culinary chefs, dedicated to presenting you with a wholesome gastronomic journey, curate exquisite dishes that celebrate both local and international flavors.

Memorable moments

An event at La Serena is a tapestry of memorable moments, delicately woven against the picturesque backdrop of Forte dei Marmi. With the tranquil sounds of the sea whispering in the background as well as mountains in the backdrop and a mesmerizing setting sun, our venue provides the perfect canvas to create your masterpiece event.

Contemporary Art / Art Residency

Embark on a journey where creativity and inspiration flow freely at La Serena, Forte dei Marmi. Our selected art programs serves as a vibrant canvas that brings together artists and art aficionados from all corners of the globe to celebrate, appreciate, and immerse themselves in the pulsating heart of the artistic Tuscan world.

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